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Kate understands the philosophy of functional fitness and with a strong focus on technique she has an even greater understanding of the importance of coaching her clients to develop and master the correct form so they can achieve the very best from each of her personal training sessions.

With her extensive knowledge, highly skilled training programmes and a well thought out approach to your workouts, Kate makes each training session dynamically different from anything you have ever done before. While your session will be tailored to your specific needs and requirements you will also get variation, fresh ideas and inspiration that will ensure fast results, helping you acheive your ultimate training goals.

In these carefully planned sessions you will get an all-body workout geared towards strength training, muscle toning, fitness enhancement, fat burning, core strength, balance and weight loss. Kates method of mixing up training styles and genres constantly keeps the body guessing and working in different ways.

A glimpse of some of her training methods are of the following styles:

SUPERSETS- Performing two exercises back to back and repeating multiple times.

HIIT- Fast-paced, high-intensity combining short, intense bursts of exercises with rest intervals.

CIRCUITS - A Fusion of Fitness that combines high-tempo, ultra-varied, cardio, strength training and muscle endurance exercises for the ultimate body blitz.

Some of Kates favourite tools in the studio; equipment that she couldn’t live without

TRX suspension straps- this all-abilities, total-body weight training gives you the most effective all-body workout. The gravity-based straps keep your core activated while you exercise, improving strength, balance, coordination and flexibility.

KETTLEBELLS ballistic weights that will work your body as one unit, improving tone, body composition and strength, while also giving you a great cardio workout.