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Duration 30 Minutes
Cost $50.00

Kate offers a 30 minute fitness test for clients who want to monitor their ongoing progress and reach their fitness goals. Testing over time is an effective way to evaluate fitness levels, help improve results and boost motivation


$50 Consultation 30 minutes

$25 Follow Up 15 minutes

Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand, with nutrition providing a source of energy required to perform an activity. The food we eat impacts on our training, performance, strength and recovery. It enables weight loss, helps maintain a healthy body and improves overall well being.

The benefits of good nutrition allows you to train harder, for longer and also increases your energy levels. It helps prepares the body for the next days workout, improving body composition and strength while enhancing concentration from daily fatigue.

Last but not least it reduces potential for injuries, improves the ability to recover from illness and injury and helps lower high blood pressure, cholesterol and reduces the risk of some diseases.