Definition of Technic:
The method of performance in any art; technique, pertaining to the practice of an art or science.


Studio Technic is run out of The Training Depot, a state of the art, sleek modern space that is as inviting as it is functional. It is situated on Bridge Road, in the heart of bustling Richmond.

At Studio Technic, Kate believes that great fitness only comes from great motivation and even greater support; that is why, partnered with you, she will tailor a program to suit your specific needs, delivered in the comfortable, purpose-built space that she is proud to say she also co owns.

Kate is a highly skilled professional trainer, who provides fresh ideas and inspiration, she is up to speed with all the latest fitness industry innovations and is in tune with each of her clients’ individual needs.


Kate understands the philosophy of functional fitness and with a strong focus on technique she has an even greater understanding of the importance of coaching her clients to develop and master the correct form so they can achieve the very best from each of her personal training sessions. All sessions are all-body workouts, geared towards strength training, muscle toning, fitness enhancement, fat burning and weight loss.

At Studio Technic you will receive the most dynamic and efficient workouts to help keep you focused, ensuring maximum results for minimal effort while boosting and maintaining your confidence. Kate’s vast experience in pre & postnatal training, sports rehabilitation, injuries and pre existing health conditions makes her a personal trainer for everybody.

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