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Staff group fitness and executive personal training

Studio Technic is a boutique fitness hub located in the heart of Richmond.  We provide group fitness classes, personal training and corporate fitness programs in a fun and inspiring space.

We have a range of workplace programs that can be customised to suit your staff abilities and office schedule.  Our group classes promote camaraderie, team effort and wellness.  Classes are high-energy and fun.  We never do the same workout twice, classes are constantly changing to keep the workout challenging and engaging.

Camaraderie and morale. Fewer sick days and absences. Happy and healthy employees. Less stress and fatigue

We can help you decide which fitness program is most appropriate for your staff.  Our instructors can tailor the sessions to suit staff of all fitness levels, and for employees with health problems and special needs.  We’re confident we’ll be able to provide you with an expert group fitness instructor to lead your program at a lower cost than any corporate gym membership.

Whether you want fitness trainers who can run group fitness classes or you’re after corporate personal training to help your executives improve their fitness, we can help.

Our corporate classes are 30, 45 or 60 minutes long, whatever suits your workplace. We can train up to 14 people at a time and classes are affordable, from $200 per session.

Why are more and more employers providing group fitness classes for their workplaces?

Because group fitness classes motivate your employees to stay fit and healthy which, in turn, saves the employer money by reducing absenteeism.  Fit and healthy employees also have improved mental health and attitude, which translates to better workplace morale.  Employees that train together enjoy better workplace relationships resulting in increased productivity and cooperation.

Contact us for more information or to book in a free trial class for your team.