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keto stuffed avo

Cajun Chicken Stuffed Avos (Ketogenic)


Stuffed avocados make a great meal for anyone that wants to eat well despite their busy lifestyle. They are nutritious,…
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Workout gear, should you care?


The fitness industry is saturated with brand name clothing featuring innovative fitness technologies that claim to enhance your workouts and…
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Hot lemon and honey

Should I Exercise While I’m Sick?


While it’s common knowledge that working out can make you feel worse when you’re already ill, it may come as a…
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winter workout

Top Tips To Motivate You Back To Full Fitness


Winter.  That delightful time of year when the world is a darker, colder place.  Waking up in the morning is…
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Healthy chocolate brownie

Nutty Choc Brownies (GF, raw + vegan)


A quick no-cook recipe for supremely rich and nutty brownies.  They’re as easy as a box mix to make, but…
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Kate taking a break

You take care of your body, so take care of your mind too.


I’ve had many conversations with clients over the last few weeks who are struggling with pressure and stresses at work. …
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butter chicken

Better Butter Chicken


This healthier lower-fat recipe hits the spot with its authentic taste.  No butter here, just butternut pumpkin and the creaminess…
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InBody Analysis

MyBody Composition Analysis – Wednesday 12th December 2018


On Wednesday the 12th of December at 6.00 pm John Verbi from Inspirology will be back in the Studio doing…
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Kettlebell Swing


The Kettlebell Swing is an awesome kettlebell exercise that hits almost every muscle in the body. WHAT MAKES THE KETTLEBELL…
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Class Schedule Changes (effective w/c 14th May)


Thanks so much for your feedback on the proposed schedule changes.  We’ve heard what you said and made the following…
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