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Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Swing

The Kettlebell Swing is an awesome kettlebell exercise that hits almost every muscle in the body.


Fat Loss

The kettlebell swing targets over 600 muscles in one go. Demanding a lot of energy, this exercise burns a lot of calories.

Super Cardio

One minute of kettlebell swings can leave you feeling like you’ve just sprinted 100 metres without moving your feet. Huge amounts of oxygen are required to fund the kettlebell swing movement so it only takes between 30 – 60 seconds before your heart and lungs are really working hard.

Get Strong Quickly

Big strength gains come from eccentric movements which involve lengthening muscles under load. The kettlebell swing overloads 100’s of muscles eccentrically as you actively absorb the energy from every swing movement. Look out though, eccentric movements are what make your muscles feel “good-sore” the next day!

Rehabilitate Shoulders and Knees

The swing tries to pull the shoulder joints apart during the movement and as you fight to keep your joints in place your stabilising muscles get stronger.

If you suffer from bad knees then often the swing can be tolerated due to the lack of excessive bend at the knee meaning you can still strengthen the legs, hips and your cardio without needing to squat or lunge.

Develop Explosive Power

Sports prowess requires power. The faster you can release stored energy the more powerful you can move. The kettlebell swing develops lots of explosive power through the hips and legs which is vital for most sports.


  1. Start with the kettlebell on the floor slightly in front of you and between your feet, which should be shoulder-width apart.
  2. Bending slightly at the knees but hingeing mainly at the hips, grasp the kettlebell and pull it back between your legs to create momentum.
  3. Drive your hips forwards and straighten your back to send the kettlebell up to shoulder height.
  4. Let the bell return back between your legs and repeat the move

Certified Personal Trainer, Alex Penham demonstrates the Kettlebell Swing.


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