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Class Schedule Changes (effective w/c 14th May)

Class Schedule Changes (effective w/c 14th May)

Thanks so much for your feedback on the proposed schedule changes.  We’ve heard what you said and made the following changes, to start w/c 14th May.

TRX Excel will no longer be an evening class.  Advanced TRX-ers can still get their Excel fix Thursday mornings at 6 am.  Our last TRX Excel evening class will be the 9th of May.

Hiit For 6 will change from Tuesday and Thursday evenings to just one class at 6:45 pm on Wednesday, and the class will move into the bigger Studio 1.

So your new Wednesday night options are Hiit Me Up, Rock bottom, Hiit For 6 (Men only) and Roll With It.  All great choices and one helluva way to tear through Humpday!

As of the 15th of May, Kate will be your Tuesday morning instructor, taking over 6 am Kettlebell Blitz and 7 am Strength & Ladders.

See the new class schedule.

If you have any questions about the new class schedule please call Kate on 0415 220 564 or leave a comment below.

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