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We have been doing PT sessions with Kate for over a year now and we have absolutely loved our traing sessions. Kate ensures that every workout is different, interesting, and challenging. Kate is a very genuine caring preson and a great motivator. We highly reccomend Kate as a personal trainer.

- Aimee & Dave

I have been training with Kate almost 4 years now and have never met another mentor like her!! She not only has helped me to completely transform my body but has also taught me the science behind each movement and the benefits you gain from each exercise. My weekly training has consisted of both PTs and group classes and NEVER has Kate used the same exercise plan twice! She is constantly thinking of new ideas and concepts to bring to each session and is always hands on to make sure you are performing the exercise correctly and effectively. She is super encouraging but at the same time pushes you to achieve results! I get up each morning and am ready to take on each session and for the first time in my life I can honestly say I love exercise. I have followed Kate no matter where she has been and will continue to do so to keep achieving my fitness goals.

- Marnie

Kate is the most caring and thoughtful trainer I have ever trained with. She knows her clients well, and caters to their every need as best she can. She pushes to get the best out of you, always in a way that empowers you! Kate has really helped me feel more confident about my abilities and train in a way where I feel stronger and healthier!

- Pri

I have trained with Kate for almost a year for boxing and cardio training. Kate is a passionate and excellent trainer and never failed to make the trainings fun and enjoyable. It's hard to find a personal trainer who can really make the training tailored for each individual and Kate is so good at it. Every time before the training she checks what my body feels like to adjust the routine. She never stops learning new things so I never felt dull training with her because she always has new ideas to let me try each time. She is awesome!

- Shona

Kate's enthusiasm and passion for the fitness industry makes you feel motivated and enthusiastic about learning new skills and trying out new classes. I couldn't recommend a trainer more highly than Kate she goes above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome. Loving Studio Technic!

- Nicola

Kate’s secret is her genuine enthusiasm and energy. Unbelievably, I look forward to training with her. I never cancel. She concentrates on the things I enjoy while also sneaking in a few killer exercises. She’s gentle, but she pushes me just a little bit further every session. I feel stronger, leaner, more determined. I’m in the best shape of my life, thanks to Kate.

- Toni

I have been training with Kate for 3 years now and somehow she manages to keep it fun & interesting each and every time. Even in a group class Kate manages to tailor the exercises to each individual and makes sure you get the most out of each session. I highly recommend Kate’s classes to anyone who wants to steer clear of the big gyms and also wants to train but have fun at the same time.

- Ricky

With Kates kick-ass, yet fun workouts & constant encouragement I've achieved a body I never thought I would...its fit & strong & I'm more confidant because of that. I love working out with Kate!

- Ily

I have been a dedicated runner for almost 10 years, as imagined the wear and tear of consistently pounding the pavement caught up with me and so I decided to change things up and that's when I met Kate. Kate's training has been a blessing, I have noticed muscle definition that I thought I could never achieve, my cardiovascular fitness and strength has dramatically improved and best of all I look forward to my workouts with Kate as she knows how to tailor to my needs and style. Thank you Kate for your dedication and bringing out the best in me.

- Chrissa

Kate is one of the best trainers I have ever had the privilege of being trained by. Her infectious positive attitude coupled with her comprehensive training approach makes for classes that are fun and rewarding and leave you with a sense of accomplishment and ultimately fitter. Everybody, new and old are always made to feel welcome and you are encouraged to push yourself under her expert supervision. Kate's classes are proof that getting fit can be enjoyable.

- Matt

Kate has trained me for 2 years and in that time my strength and fitness have increased enormously! I am so pleased with my new body shape and activity levels. Thanks Kate! Ruth 68 years.

- Ruth

I never enjoyed going to the gym. I found the process stressful, intimidating and uncomfortable. I would spend hundreds of dollars signing up to expensive gyms, and then make excuses not to go. Starting training with Kate changed all that. She is knowledgeable and knows just how much to push you so that you improve, rather than fall behind and lose motivation. Other clients that I’ve met through Kate have become real friends and I now look forward every class. I couldn’t recommend her more!

- Suzanne

Both Brett and I have loved training with Kate from day one! Not only is Kate an excellent personal trainer; she is uplifting, motivating, passionate and caring at all times. Brett and I have attended a variety of classes, including: TRX, HIIT, Abs and Strength. Kate always ensures her classes have the right balance of fun and laughter whilst continuing to focus on all her clients safety and correct training techniques. We have both noticed a significant increase in our fitness, health and well being since training with Kate. We would highly recommend Kate as a trainer to all our family and friends and are both very excited to train in the new studio!

- Grace & Brett

Kate is awesome. She motivates and educates each client about the importance of exercise. You walk away from her sessions feeling great and well worked out!

- Kate

I've loved having Kate train me, her positive, fun and energetic attitude has ensured that I've stayed motivated to achieve my goals. She's an all round awesome trainer who really cares, and I highly recommend her

- Nicole

Kate is a phenomenal trainer. A true professional and dedicated to her clients. Being trained by her you just know your going to be pushed to your absolute limit yet at the same time she has the knowledge and the empathy to understand what your body needs and wants at that time and she is very attuned to your goals. I've always felt challenged and love the new workouts she throws at me. She has the intuition to know exactly how much further to push you, to keep pushing your body and to keep exceeding your personal best! You will be worked on all round fitness and coordination and with her dance background and expertise she's amazing at constantly challenging your body to be constantly in alignment and to keep working the right muscles. A true one of a kind go getter, if her infectious high energy doesn't get you buzzed before your workout, nothing will!

- Nick

I love training with Kate. Being someone who has never really enjoyed exercise I never thought I would find myself saying that I look forward to classes and feel great afterwards. I have gained a good level of fitness and strength that is still improving consistently as Kate motivates me to push myself to my own limits.

- Kendra